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Welcome to True Maple Early Learning Centre in Springvale, where we nurture your child’s curiosity, foster holistic development, and instill a love of learning. Our dedicated educators, thoughtfully designed play-based curriculum, and supportive, inclusive environment make True Maple the top choice for families in Springvale.

Unlock Your Child's Potential at True Maple

At True Maple, we aim to give your child every possible advantage for a future filled with opportunities. Our unique nursery childcare program in Springvale is designed to unlock your child’s potential and ignite a lifelong love of learning through engaging, play-based activities.

From an early age, your child will embark on a comprehensive learning journey, developing essential skills and an appreciation for diverse cultures. This invaluable experience will boost their academic performance and prepare them for future success.

Why Choose Our Nursery Childcare Services in Springvale?

Experienced Educators Committed to Early Childhood Development

Led by Jasmine Zhao, a passionate Early childhood professional with over 15 years of teaching and managing early childhood services.

Our True Maple team is carefully selected with teaching members who are truly passionate about making a difference in children’s lives. We take pride in what we can accomplish by partnering with families and the local community to achieve the best possible outcome for children in our centre.

A Play-Based Curriculum Tailored for Growth

Our play-based curriculum at True Maple is carefully designed to align with the Early Years Learning Framework, fostering your child’s development through a variety of engaging activities.

From hands-on STEM projects that enhance problem-solving skills to interactive storytelling sessions that promote language and literacy, our curriculum nurtures a love of learning and builds a solid foundation for future success.

little children learning at true maple nursery childcare in springvale

A Nurturing, Inclusive Environment

At True Maple Nursery Childcare, we provide more than just childcare; we create a community where children feel safe, confident, and valued.

Our inclusive environment celebrates each child’s unique qualities, fostering a strong sense of belonging and encouraging them to thrive. Strong community partnerships further connect your child to the world around them, broadening their horizons and nurturing their social skills.

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Nurturing Every Aspect of Your Child's Development

At True Maple, we believe in nourishing the whole child. In addition to our exceptional educational program, we provide:

Nutritious Meals for Optimal Growth

We provide freshly prepared, nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day to fuel your child's active mind and body. Our menu features a variety of healthy options to support their physical and cognitive development.

Comprehensive Care Essentials

We understand that every child has unique needs, especially in their early years. Our staff are trained to provide personalised attention, ensuring each child receives the specific care they require. Whether it's addressing allergies, using specific brands, or following particular routines, we work closely with parents to accommodate all preferences and needs.

A Nurturing, Home-Like Environment

True Maple is designed to be a home away from home, with cozy, age-appropriate spaces that encourage exploration, imagination, and a sense of belonging. Our inclusive, family-oriented atmosphere ensures your child feels safe, confident, and celebrated.

Specialised Programs in Music, Sports, and Sustainability

In addition to our core nursery childcare curriculum, we offer specialised programs in music, physical education, and sustainability. These activities develop your child's creativity, physical abilities, and environmental awareness in a fun, hands-on way.

What Parents Say About True Maple

Narrelle S
Narrelle S
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My 19 month old and 4 year old started in September. I got a really good vibe as soon as I toured the Centre. Staff are very caring and knowledgeable. My 4 year old comes home singing songs in Mandarin. I love how they provide these lessons to the children.
Evan L
Evan L
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I finish my work late, ever since my daughter come to this childcare Centre, there are countless time I listen grandparents accomplish how joyful to pick up my daughter. They often describe what she does or plays when they showed up, and seems always end up clean looking with happy face. I feel this is the best decision we made to join this childcare.
Chris S
Chris S
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I'm surprised that my 5-year-old daughter is learning Mandarin songs and words at the center. Her interest in learning Mandarin has sparked curiosity, leading her to explore other languages. Sometimes, it's the little things that become powerful motivators for new learning experiences. It's amazing to see her embracing another language.

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