What We Offer

Where Little Hands Yearn To Learn

At True Maple Bilingual, our vision is to create an inclusive environment where every child feels safe, confident, and is equipped with the art of learning from this very tender age.

The curriculum structure at true maple has been carefully designed by leading educators and is guided by the national early years learning framework (EYLF) and victorian early years development framework. 

What we offer

Our Curriculum

Green Thumb Project

Taking responsibility to care and develop children's knowledge of the natural world, through gardening and sustainability projects.

Sport and Music Program

Embedded Music Programs enrich children's creative thinking, language and expression. Our sports program promotes children's physical development whilst learning important life skills such as teamwork, cooperation and celebrating their achievement.

Family Involvement Opportunities

We organise fun, playful activities, where parents are invited to take part in the process and be involved in their child’s education. Accessible Communication Platforms provide families the opportunity to provide feedback and ideas to incorporate into classroom curriculum

Incursion/ Excursion Opportunities

We don't just focus on academic knowledge, but also on the ‘art of learning’ and developing skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. To support our curriculum, we offer a range of Incursions and Excursions. Providing children authentic opportunities to transfer classroom learning into real life contexts.

Children are the centre of our philosophy

We appreciate that a child’s family are the most important part of a child’s life and acknowledge
that each child is unique and has their own family structure and set of circumstances. Working in collaboration with families provides unique insights into who each child is and fosters a sense of safety and security. We believe
trust is an integral part of our relationship with families, and that open, honest communication
is paramount in ensuring we provide consistency in all aspects of children’s care. We value families’ input and participation in their child’s learning journey.